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Omnia Clincher 120TPI Folding Road Tyre Tyres

Specification Review

Designed to include top-level technologies found commonly on Ere Research's pro-level tyre models, the Omnia is equipped with the Armis 1 flat protection casing, an aramid reinforced folding bead and it weighs less than similar performance tyres in its category. Optimised to Improve Rider Performance The optimised tread profile features a smooth-rolling central section and a stepped tread profile on the outer edges. This tyre rolls with exceptional rolling efficiency and grips to the road when manoeuvring, leaning when coming into corners at speed and when braking excessively. This all-rounder race tyre enhances your riding performance regardless of the conditions and enables you to ride faster while improving race times. More info

RRP: £63

Best Price £44