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Spikey Massage Ball (Set of 3) Massage Balls

Specification Review

The set of Spikey Massage Balls include three different balls with three different levels of hardness that include: Light Blue: Soft Green: Medium Grey: Hard The balls can also be used in multiple ways to relieve tension in your muscles, to release toxins within your muscles and to improve overall circulation. How to Use Lower Back and Glutes: Start in a sitting position and place the ball between your back and a wall or chair. Calves and Thighs: Sit or lie on the floor with the ball between you and the floor. Then gently roll around the ball. Shoulders and Upper Back: Place one of the balls between your back/shoulders and a wall while you are in a standing position and roll the ball around. Neck: Roll the ball around your neck using your open palm. More info

Best Price £7