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Newton ST EN Ultimate Tubeless MTB Tyre Tyres

Specification Review

Designed with ramped and siped centre knobs which create as low a rolling resistance as possible and supportive, tall-arch side knobs that bolster your braking prowess and cornering grip in any trail condition, this Goodyear model is ideal for rowdy riding. Built from a Dynamic:R/T Rugged-Terrain compound specifically formulated to balance grip, wear and efficiency, the tyre is further protected by an M:Wall sidewall that acts against the damage caused by such speedy and powerful racing. This Ultimate version is made to be more supple and faster-rolling due to its smaller thread fabric and low rubber casing.   Equipped with Goodyear's Tubeless Complete system, it can be inflated to lower, more comfortable pressures for better rolling efficiency, while also reducing the risk of pinch flats, and is also ready e25 ready for use on E-Bikes if you fancy rising at a less break-neck pace ... More info

RRP: £68

Best Price £38