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Berghaus Adhara 500 Nightfall® Tent - Blue, Blue

Specification Review

Berghaus has taken the technology and premium materials from their award-winning air tent range and integrated them into the Adhara range. Offering comfort and convenience on the campsite, this spacious five-person tent has enough room for larger families or those looking for extra room.Nightfall darkened fabric technology means that you can sleep peacefully beyond sunrise. Waking up naturally with the sun is all well and good unless you're camping in the height of summer. You'll also feel refreshed by the air flow ventilation of the tent - no more damp and humid living spaces. With two windows and mesh doors providing natural light, you can really feel like you're living life outdoors.Looking to extend your living space or make room for extra kit? The Berghaus Adhara Porch is fully compatible with this tent ... More info

RRP: £600

Best Price £249