Scafell Summit Map 1:12.5K by Harvey Maps

Scafell Summit Map 1:12.5K Scafell Summit Map 1:12.5K by Harvey Maps

The Scafell Summit Map 1:12.5K from Harvey Maps. This map of just the summit at a very large scale is intended to provide extra clarity and supplementary detail for a complex piece of terrain. Most commonly it would be used in conjunction with another map of a wider area e.g. the HARVEY Superwalker at 1:25,000 or OS Explorer, which would provide information needed to reach the summit area. The big scale makes it very clear and readable. Useful for detailed navigation in this complex area, particularly in poor conditions. Has a 100m grid for use with GPS. Tough. Light. Waterproof. Extra clear for fine navigation in bad conditions such as mist, darkness or snow. Genuine original HARVEY mapping. Climbing crags named

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